Angela Merkel nude again???

Well, it could be!

the sl naturist

Let’s watch this post go viral, lol.

The post we did earlier in which Angela Merkel’s unconfirmed nudist past in the DDR was mentioned jogged my memory about another post I’d seen on a tumblr blog, and which I’ve spent the remainder of the evening searching for, and eventually finding.


I’m 100% certain the woman at the front of the photograph is the same one shown in a previous ‘Angela Merkel nudist’ shot, this one below.


What’s more, I’m 99% certain the woman in the centre of the pic above is the same as the one at ‘Angela’s’ side in the top shot. Why has no one spotted this ‘new’ photograph, and the similarities to ‘Angela Merkel’ before?

This ‘new’ photograph also gives us a few ‘clues’ to its location, perhaps. It’s obviously a camp of some sort, but there’s a car in the photo. What sort of car is…

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One thought on “Angela Merkel nude again???”

  1. The car in the background is a Jowett Javelin, looks like a model from the early 50s. It’s a very common british car.

    It’s very, very unlikely, that you find this car on picture taken in the 70s in the DDR (East Germany).

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