“Hard” issues

I personally have only rarely witnessed this and only had them on a very few occasions in a public setting!

Naked Diaries

I was told recently by a colleague that her boyfriend is afraid to go to the saunas because he might get an erection. I responded the way I always respond to men being afraid of that happening when they take off their clothes in public – it won’t happen. “But what if it does?” Well, then you use the towel to cover it up, lie down, and calm down.

But before I get to the point where I talk about what to do when you have one, I’d like to talk about erections in general. Every man capable of having one knows that most erections are caused by completely non-sexual reasons. Morning erection is something all men in their best years live with (almost) every day. This is just one of multiple erections which may happen during sleep (nocturnal penile tumescence, or NPT – in medical terms).

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