Words up when labels help and hurt nudism/naturism

Nudist,naturist,nude or naked?

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English: Nudist woman's back. English: Nudist woman’s back. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A recent conversation about what constitutes a naturist among some nude bloggers and tweeters spurred this post. The question is not new nor is the practice of attaching labels to various practices or persons to be able to quickly determine whether they are friend or foe. The thing is in today’s social environment labels are becoming less and less useful.

When we all lived in small towns and other closed environments labels were effective ways to create social order and communicate the parameters of that order. When people knew each other and had an agreed upon set of norms and others things that created meaning in social intersection labels were very helpful. They helped us developed a shared understanding and know the social boundaries. Now time in a time of global interaction in cyber space I don’t think labels are as useful. That doesn’t mean we…

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