If they want to go naked why not?

the sl naturist

Madonna. Any thoughts?

I’ve always hated her music. To me, it’s synthetic, clunky and all very much the same, but give the woman her dues, she’s managed to sell it, and often sell it on the back of ‘controversy’ that sometimes appears to be more of a point than the rather dull music itself.

Madonna’s never been afraid to use her own body as a marketing tool, to the point where she once said that she regarded losing her virginity as ‘a career move’.

Madonna was back in the news earlier this week, posing topless for a photoshoot in Interview magazine. The UK media had a field day, of course. While you’ll never see a nipple in the Daily Mail, for example, they’ll squeeze every drop of sales they can from a pixelated or blacked out one. Most of the UK’s rags commented, and several were particularly keen to…

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