” Dawn Chrous “

I love dawn in the countryside! A great view of it from a fellow naturist blogger!

The Naked Truth.........


To be naked in the open air on a warm spring morning, with nothing but the birds and the bees for company, is one of the more pleasant things, known to man. It seems as if we were all meant to be together, without all the fuss and stresses of modern civilisation. With ground noise at a bare minimum one can really appreciate the natural sounds that Mother Nature makes, between 4 and 5.30am. Of course it’s not so pleasant if you’re in a tent, nursing a hangover from the night before, but if you’re clear headed you can hear the dawn chorus, as it breaks, in all its glory and really appreciate, all that goes on at that time in the morning. At Greenglades, in common with many woodland areas there is a wealth of noise and a good variety of birds and other animals that also visit regularly…

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