My Clothesfree Life: Just A Typical Day

A lovely way of life

My Clothesfree Life

I know that I am starting in the middle. Many of you already know that I am a nudist, living in a nudist park. I am a self-avowed proponent and advocate of clothesfree living. I practice what I preach. I live totally and completely nude (except for a sun hat, sun glasses on occasion, and flip flop sandals, and of course a smile). Here, in Serendipity Nudist Park, just outside Cleveland, Georgia, USA,  [ ],  I am free to be the real and genuine me. This gate arrowis about what it is like to live in my world. You will undoubtedly read this and ask yourself what is so sordid and nasty about this? Where is the drama? Where is the sex? Surely, it isn’t so simple, plain, and ordinary. The truth of the matter, is that it is painfully plain and ordinary. Except for the fact that we are not…

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