Being naked has health benefits…


I love doing housework nakedly,walking/cycling nude,wish I could go shopping bare!

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How to Relax

  1. Be Naked at Home when Your Parents Are Gone Step 11 Version 2.jpg

    Forget about your cares. This is an obvious, but excellent first step to relaxing. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and let your worries slide off of you – just like your clothes!

  2. Be Naked at Home when Your Parents Are Gone Step 12 Version 2.jpg

    Perform normal household activities. Normal activities almost always done in clothing are relaxing and liberating without the nuisance of apparel. You’d be surprised how much more fun vacuuming and cleaning might be in the nude!

  3. Be Naked at Home when Your Parents Are Gone Step 13 Version 2.jpg

    Cook yourself a meal. Who knows, maybe you are a better cook this way!

  4. Be Naked at Home when Your Parents Are Gone Step 14 Version 2.jpg

    Take a nap. Many people maintain that sleeping in the nude is much more comfortable.

    Just For Fun

    1. Be Naked at Home when Your Parents Are Gone Step 15 Version 2.jpg

      Run and jump! Feel the freedom of the wind against your skin. Leap nimbly as a wild antelope through your natural habitat. Also included in this category: skipping, cavorting, merrymaking, etc.

    2. Be Naked at Home when Your Parents Are Gone Step 16 Version 2.jpg

      Sing and dance! Have a private rock concert or…

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What’s up with the Naked Village? Review: Emma James


Yes I enjoyed the documentary it’s a pity it seemed to concentrate more on the decision to ask dressed people to undress or leave but i must admit I would love to live somewhere like this!

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This was originally posted on facebook on the Young Naturists and Nudists America forum on facebook, in response to a request for my perspective on the Naked Village which I took part in during the summer of 2014.  

The Naked Village is an informative documentary. I was fascinated with the interviews with the founder’s daughter and the old footage but I had hoped it would show more of what we are about as naturists and nudists and why we choose to be part of this community.

Toni Ash and Steve Jones in the club house at Spielplatz

I thought the documentary was well done in the main and far from shying away from genitalia, it was rather a focus, unnecessarily so at times.

I’d like to see a documentary made about our community by a woman and one who is already a naturist/nudist so there’s that understanding there. That…

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Naked men, naked women


Yes this is true naturism!

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My function, as editor of SLN, has sometimes been to explore avenues I’d previously been unaware of. I’ve written, before, how I’m not overly excited by nudist websites where photographs are the focus.

To me, the textual content of a website is the primary source of interest. Thus: you’ve been to Koversada in Croatia…tell me what restaurants I should try. What’s worth seeing in the area? Even if it means putting on stupid clothes in that heat.

But I’ve been recently going around numerous tumblr websites dedicated to ‘the nudist’ on the basis that they inform my decisions regarding SLN. If ‘body painting’ seems to be a thing in real life naturism, shouldn’t we cover that? If pubic hair, circumcision, genital piercings, swingers or anything else are vexing RL naturists, shouldn’t SL naturism reflect that? Well, of course.

What I see on those websites do have an impact on what…

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Christianity and Nudity


Nudity is not sinful, lust is!

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The moral acceptance of nudity is a widely debated topic in the Circles of Christianity. Churches preach God’s Word, and in that Word it is stated that we shall be dressed in a modest state. The meaning of modesty nowadays would lead us to believe that only those “appropriately covered” adhere to that rule. Many other argue that modest dress had nothing to do with what was covered, but rather with what it was covered in. It had to do with the materials you used.

The biggest argument against nudity is this, “The eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they were naked.” (Genesis 3:7)

This verse very clearly states with no room for argument that God created Adam and Eve nude with the intention of them remaining so until they ate the Forbidden Fruit. Which, by the way, was more likely a fig than an…

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Epiphanies from a nude art model of 11.5 years


Great words and artwork

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Standing proud in dancing poses on the model stage.
I am bare, nude from head to toe, my soul feeling vulnerable as I express my all in movement, dance and stillness. Oh, the art, and meditation in stillness.
Enveloped in a sea of creative energy as everyone is studying me, measuring every curve of my beautifully imperfect body.
Flesh, muscles and bones.
Freckled and scarred.
The scars remind me of the battles I fought and won and how much strength I’ve gained.
I am strong and full of light with a whole lot of love for myself and others.
I feel most free when I am a muse to others.
I am most free when I am a muse to myself.
When I stand there baring my naked soul, that is the most vulnerable I have ever been in my life
and I realize
that I must bring this feeling…

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It’s Not Porn, We Are Nudist


Violence not nudity is the real porn.

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It's not pornIs it just me or is ever nudist tired of saying It’s not porn, it’s nudism. I feel like every one who isn’t a nudist or a true nudist doesn’t know what nudism is. People think we have sex all the time and we always have a hard on, well hate to bust your bubble that’s not the case. We live life nude because we want to be the way we were designed to be.  We weren’t born with clothes on. We do not get a hard on, because we aren’t sexual, we just live naked. Being naked wasn’t designed to be a sexual thing. When you see a nudist pic and say it’s porn, well that whats in your head. I can guarantee they aren’t sexual aroused. They chose to live with out limitations and aren’t ashamed of there bodies. Well that’s my thoughts on It’s not porn, it’s…

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