Pope John Paul II on nakedness


Simple nakedness is not shameful…. Now Saint John Paul!

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The human body can remain nude and uncovered and preserve intact its splendor and its beauty… Nakedness as such is not to be equated with physical shamelessness… Immodesty is present only when nakedness plays a negative role with regard to the value of the person…The human body is not in itself shameful… Shamelessness, just like shame and modesty, is a function of the interior of a person.

Karol Cardinal Woytyla (John Paul II), Love and Responsibility, translation by H. T. Willetts, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York: 1981.

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Nude at 100 Paces


Very well said!

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[Not to be confused with my post on 100 Naked Places!]

So a few weeks ago, while staying at Vera Playa, we decided to exploit a particularly lovely morning with a leisurely walk down the beach. Having done my homework before departure for this, our first visit to this famous naturist town on the Andalusia coast, (you can read that report here) I had a pretty good sense of the general layout of the authorized naturist zones, as compared to the nudity tolerated zones, well delineated on the most excellent map on the Vera Playa friends webpage where the color fades away to indicate, “You have now left naturist wonderland! Have a nice day!”

Playing 100 paces at Vera Playa
Playing 100 paces at Vera Playa

Of course, I didn’t bother to print out the map before heading off to Spain, and it seemed less than practical to lug along my MacBook as…

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Bouncing Balls at Sandy Hook


Looks fun1

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Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook was very crowded last sunday, but not all beach-goers just lied in the sun: we spent most of the day playing with balls, namely volleyball and football (soccer for you Americans :-)) We had lots of fun and are planning to come back there this Saturday, please join! See my previous post for discount ferry tickets from Manhattan.

naturist volleyball 0005 Sandy Hook, NJ, USA

We worked on some good (and beautiful) serves,

naturist volleyball 0003 Sandy Hook, NJ, USA

from both sides! It wasn’t often trivial due to changing wind.

naturist volleyball 0010 Sandy Hook, NJ, USA

Those followed by not less beautiful defense moves,

naturist volleyball 0000 Sandy Hook, NJ, USA

that sometimes required sand dives,

naturist volleyball 0006 Sandy Hook, NJ, USA

not always successful though.

naturist volleyball 0007 Sandy Hook, NJ, USA

A focused two-hand rebound might look less effective but was usually more efficient.

naturist volleyball 0009 Sandy Hook, NJ, USA

Given the tall height of some of our players and low height of our net, it was sometimes easy to shoot the ball down from just above the net.

naturist volleyball 0008 Sandy Hook, NJ, USA

There are lots of techniques that we have to…

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Why Nude Photos are Important to Naturism


We should not be prudes,show ourselves nude!

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This is an example of who we are. There is no shame, lust, or degradation.

Imagine if you will that this blog wasn’t about naturism, but about camping and backpacking.  In my theoretical camping blog I’d write about my travels, offer advice, discuss issues within the camping/backpacking community, and show you pictures of my trips.   No one would get upset about pictures of Yosemite or the Grand Canyon.  But in reality my blog isn’t about camping, but nude recreation and the naturist lifestyle.

Since its early days, naturism has been portraying the nude human body in photography.  In fact, it was nudist magazines that set the legal precedent for nude images to be published.  Up until 1958, it was illegal for nudist magazines to be mailed by the U.S. Postal Service. In SUNSHINE BOOK COMPANY v. SUMMERFIELD, The U.S. District Court of Columbia ruled that nudist magazines could…

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” Dawn Chrous “


I love dawn in the countryside! A great view of it from a fellow naturist blogger!

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To be naked in the open air on a warm spring morning, with nothing but the birds and the bees for company, is one of the more pleasant things, known to man. It seems as if we were all meant to be together, without all the fuss and stresses of modern civilisation. With ground noise at a bare minimum one can really appreciate the natural sounds that Mother Nature makes, between 4 and 5.30am. Of course it’s not so pleasant if you’re in a tent, nursing a hangover from the night before, but if you’re clear headed you can hear the dawn chorus, as it breaks, in all its glory and really appreciate, all that goes on at that time in the morning. At Greenglades, in common with many woodland areas there is a wealth of noise and a good variety of birds and other animals that also visit regularly…

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