A visit to the saunas


It is UNhealthy to wear anything in a sauna except a towel to sit on!

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Like I wrote in one of my earlier posts, nudity is a very relaxing practice. That’s why one of the best ways to relax is by going to the saunas. Not only are the saunas relaxing all on their own, but normally it is required that one uses the saunas nude.

Sure, some people are always shy and they come in wearing some amount of textile, but that needn’t discourage a nudist from fully enjoying the experience. I’ve seen some saunas requiring the usage of towels to cover one’s genital area, but this is only the case in some places with low reputation which I usually only visit once, if ever.

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Ex-Director Brian Taylor | The Naturist Page


Yes, it is like any other group e.g. muslims, most are kind peaceful people but then you get radicals like IS giving them all a bad name.

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Brian TaylorThere has been a lot of talk about Mr Brian Taylor, an ex-director of The British Naturists. He admitted downloading 120,000 indecent images of children and was put on the sex offenders register. “Taylor, of Tamworth, pleaded guilty to six counts of making indecent images of children during a hearing at Stafford Crown Court earlier this summer.” 

The reason I’m bringing this up is because there are many people who are telling me they are not going to re-new their membership no more with BN and then The Spectrum Swimming Club has the naturist swim club suspended from its local pool after the group’s chairman was caught with child porn… I understand the people’s anger upon the subject because it is something to be taken very seriously, however, just because of one bad apple don’t cast the whole batch out for one bad apple. Yes there are still true people and it makes…

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Why I like being naked


This is sooo true and good from a true naturist!

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Non-nudists tend to have misconceptions about the motivation of nudists to take off their clothes and not put any back on. However, I think everyone can relate to that great feeling of coming home from work and removing your work clothes to slip into something more comfortable. To me as a nudist, this “something more comfortable” simply means “nothing at all”. I feel comfortable in my birthday suit, thank you very much.

In this respect, being naked is in a huge way a very liberating experience. Like changing work clothes after work is almost a symbol for the coming of a relaxing part of the day, so is simply undressing.

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Pornification of the penis


The penis is just another part of the body!

Originally posted on the sl naturist:

Earlier in the week I spoke about how the removal of (mainly) female pubic hair represented something of a pornification of the female parts, the porn-industry instigating it (in more recent times) for ‘more detail’.

But it isn’t just the female of the species who have had their parts ‘pornified’ in recent decades.

Look at many vintage naturist photos of males and you will quickly see that their penises often appear to be somewhat ‘smaller’ than in more up to date photos.




But let’s hold on here a moment. These aren’t ‘smaller’ penises. They’re real, averagely sized penises. Captured in their real, averagely sized flaccid states.

Many photos of nude males, today, are much more focused on a larger sized penis, thus skewing the perception of what is real, what is average. There’s also a need for penises to now also be photographed erect, with a need to work in…

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Wannsee in Berlin: kayaking, swimming, biking, frisbee – you name it!


What a wonderful place

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naturist 0002 Wannsee, Berlin, Germany

Wannsee, or more specifically Großer Wannsee, is a relatively large lake in the westernmost part of Berlin. It hosts Europe’s longest inland beach – Strandbad Wannsee, but we usually hang out at more secluded spots north of it. Strandbad Wannsee is just one of  2 or 3 beaches in Berlin with an entrance fee, which I assume supports facilities and cleaning operation; naturist part (or FKK, as it is usually referred to in Germany) is in the northern side of the beach (i.e., to the right, if you face the lake). There are a few small beaches to the north of Strandbad Wannsee, which are free of charge and free of clothes as well :-)

naturist 0003 Wannsee, Berlin, Germany

River Snack boat delivers ice-cream, beer and snacks, including Berlin’s famous currywurst.

naturist 0000 Wannsee, Berlin, Germany

As you’ve figured from the photos, our favorite way to get there was kayak.

naturist 0001 Wannsee, Berlin, Germany

Kayaking in calm waters of Wannsee is easy…

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10 Myths About Naturism and Naturists


Naturists are ordinary people!

Originally posted on Naturist Holidays in Europe:

As naturists, there are certain false assumptions we hear over and over again, and myths that are perpetuated by the media. Here we debunk 10 popular myths about naturism and naturists.


Myth #1.  Naturists / nudists are naked all the time.

Myth #2. Naturists and nudists want to be naked everywhere.

Myth #3. Nudists are “this” and naturists are “that.” As in, there are set definitions of “nudist” and “naturist” within the community.

Myth #4. Nudists live in colonies.

Myth #5. “Nudism is sexual” and “nudism is not sexual.”

Myth # 6. Nudist couples’ sex lives must be diminished because they see each other naked all the time OR nudists have more sex because they see each other naked all the time.

Myth #7. The nudist / naturist population is primarily made up of old, retired people.

Myth #8. Nudism is dying.

Myth #9. The people on the nude beach…

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