It’s our life and our body. Not a darn label.


All we want is to be able to be clothed or unclothed as we feel.

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We live in one pretty screwed up society. Too many prudes out there who feel like seein’ somebody naked is a pervert. Too many people in this world think the absolute same thing about us nudists. “Oh, all they want is sex, it’s gross, and it shouldn’t belong in society.” Too many clothed people worry and think way too much about what others will think of them. So they force us to dress up and force us to fit in and be like everybody else, and not truly be the real us. It’s absolutely disgusting. Nobody should have to go through that crap. It’s not necessary at all, and there’s absolutely no reason to be ashamed.

If you choose to be naked, you should have the liberty to do so. If we were born nude, then why should we have to cover ourselves up? Just like every other creature in…

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Kiev: central nudist beaches with landmark views


Nice to see Naturism is alive in this troubled country!

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Last summer I rediscovered the capital of my homelands, Ukraine. I’ve spent most of my adult life outside Ukraine, in Moscow and Berlin, both of which have naturist beaches within the city boundaries (Berlin has many of them), so I was pleased to find that Kiev has its own beautiful naturist beaches in the very centre of the city! Kiev boasts the mighty Dnieper River that provides the city with banks with amazing views and also gives it some forested islands, that are luckily protected and not used for mansions of the nouveau riche. A couple of neighboring clothing-optional beaches at Hydropark (Gidropark) are located most centrally.

This is how it looks from the bridge on the way from Gidropark subway station.

You cannot really see if it is a nudist beach at the other bank of the river, but trust me, it is! So after the bridge…

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Why is nudity about freedom?


We can never be free until those who criticise shut up!

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Ever since I wrote the post about supporting Stephen Gough, I’ve had this feeling that somehow I haven’t adequately explained how I think public nudity is about freedom. Recently, I read about Matt Taylor, a scientist at ESA, being criticized by the public for wearing what they considered an inappropriate shirt on the day ESA landed a man-made machine (Philae) on a comet going by the designation 67P. I wrote about this on my other blog. That day, a more concrete thought began to form in my mind.

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” A History of Naturism “


A brilliant expose of naturism!

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au_natural_book_102_0001For most of human history, nudity was a natural and normal part of life. People were nude when environment and conditions favoured it.The “bathing suit” is a very recent invention dating back only about a century. It is only with the advent of scientific advancement and industrialization that humans began to be ashamed of their bodies.As we began to replace the natural world with manufactured goods, we grew to see all that was not man-made as imperfect. The human body became an object of shame to be hidden and shaped by clothing.Naturism began as a self-help reform movement in reaction to the debilitating aspects of industrialization and urbanization during the nineteenth century. At a time when medicine could neither explain nor cure disease, many people believed that crowded and unsanitary cities, tenement housing, restrictive victorian clothing, and oppressive working conditions all led to poor health and rampant illness. Some observers…

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A visit to the saunas


It is UNhealthy to wear anything in a sauna except a towel to sit on!

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Like I wrote in one of my earlier posts, nudity is a very relaxing practice. That’s why one of the best ways to relax is by going to the saunas. Not only are the saunas relaxing all on their own, but normally it is required that one uses the saunas nude.

Sure, some people are always shy and they come in wearing some amount of textile, but that needn’t discourage a nudist from fully enjoying the experience. I’ve seen some saunas requiring the usage of towels to cover one’s genital area, but this is only the case in some places with low reputation which I usually only visit once, if ever.

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Ex-Director Brian Taylor | The Naturist Page


Yes, it is like any other group e.g. muslims, most are kind peaceful people but then you get radicals like IS giving them all a bad name.

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Brian TaylorThere has been a lot of talk about Mr Brian Taylor, an ex-director of The British Naturists. He admitted downloading 120,000 indecent images of children and was put on the sex offenders register. “Taylor, of Tamworth, pleaded guilty to six counts of making indecent images of children during a hearing at Stafford Crown Court earlier this summer.” 

The reason I’m bringing this up is because there are many people who are telling me they are not going to re-new their membership no more with BN and then The Spectrum Swimming Club has the naturist swim club suspended from its local pool after the group’s chairman was caught with child porn… I understand the people’s anger upon the subject because it is something to be taken very seriously, however, just because of one bad apple don’t cast the whole batch out for one bad apple. Yes there are still true people and it makes…

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Why I like being naked


This is sooo true and good from a true naturist!

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Non-nudists tend to have misconceptions about the motivation of nudists to take off their clothes and not put any back on. However, I think everyone can relate to that great feeling of coming home from work and removing your work clothes to slip into something more comfortable. To me as a nudist, this “something more comfortable” simply means “nothing at all”. I feel comfortable in my birthday suit, thank you very much.

In this respect, being naked is in a huge way a very liberating experience. Like changing work clothes after work is almost a symbol for the coming of a relaxing part of the day, so is simply undressing.

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